22 Immutable Laws of Overcoming Defeat in Business or Personal Life

1. Defeat is a Friend not a Foe


Make Defeat the stepping stone of your success , for in your defeat lies the seed’s of your success. After the unexpected murder of my father and the subsequent havoc that took place in my life . I tried to get a job but couldn’t because of all the negativity surrounding me , no one gave me a job . For months i tried even jobs that i was over qualified for eluded me . I then looked inwards for my answers because all the answers lie their . I realised the clouds of my defeat carried with in the pure rain droplets with which i could shower the world with my love . Thus the idea of the Travelthon was born with singular mission to give love to the world and gain redemption for what had happened .


2. Identify key People :

I identified key people who unselfishly helped me when i was down and out . I made them as part of my key team who would pull be out of the mess that i was in and would help me move forward.


3. Trust your team :

I then put my trust in these key people and gave them responsibility . My lawyers , my bankers , my friends from university and college and a hand full of relatives who came to my aid out of compassion not for my money.


4. Pay your team well :

After giving responsibility to these key people i also made sure they were paid well and looked after , so that their loyalties to me remain intact . That is important loyalties of your key people is paramount , so that they don’t switch sides or join the enemy ranks.


5. Keep your basic nature intact :

When faced with defeat and adversity you begin to question your very nature . You question yourself , but remember it was your basic nature that made you win battles , so when faced with defeat don’t question it .Rely on it and use it , use your strength’s to win back all you have lost .Their is no room for doubt .


6. Think Laterally :

Think different , stand apart from the crowd , go into unknown territories and use your inner self as your compass and guide. I knew nothing about travelling or blogging in the last ten year i had only ventured out of India twice and now in the last two years i have covered 17 countries . Even for my travelthon I am ideating and developing new ides that have not been used by travellers before . One example is Location scouting that will go on my site soon . I have been in Bollywood and understand how important location scouting is , as i travel the world i will capture unique locations and gain an understanding of them , these can be suggested to Bollywood Projects . Their are many countries where cheaper yet more exciting locations can be found . So Location scouting becomes a revenue source for the business.


7. The Law of Focus :

Put your whole might behind your idea and believe you can win back everything you have lost .


8. Seek positivity :

Seek positive people and positive work environment . My travels give me ample opportunity to seek positive locations where i can sit down and ideate . I seek positive people to chat to and ideate with that refreshes me and gives me new perspective.


9. Close all other Options :

This comes from the law of focus drop all useless activities and ideas and just focus on one current big idea and run with it . Don’t jump into different avenues . Why you lost in the first place was that you tried doing too many things and couldn’t do even one with intensity and focus . During my stint in Bollywood instead of focusing on my acting I did various other things like writing and running a content company . The up shot was i was not able to excel in even one of these task .


10. Show your teeth :

When you are down the world will keep you down , they will try to take even more advantage of you when you are down a wounded tiger cub will be attacked by Hyenas’ and vultures because they can smell weakness and will surround him to nibble at his flesh . The same happened with me . With the murder of my father things where bad but before they got better , they became even worse . I was surrounded with unwanted relatives and friends who wanted a peace of my flesh like vultures they eyed my property and wealth . So much so even my servants started to attack me . The only way out is to show you will not be intimidated and i with the help of a few true well wishers was able to shoo them away .


11. Shed Your Skin :

Embrace the new and shed the old , change every thing around you , old allies are to be dumped , their support did not work for you that is why you are in the quagmire you find your self in . Change your current environment i totally refurbished my house n Delhi to seek positivity .Today i don’t remember the incident that shook my life as i am totally involved in a new project and tackling new challenges .


12. Form an army of losers :

Weather Ram or Shankar they forged allies with losers and outcasts . Ram took an army of monkeys to win back Sita . Shankar took an army of aghodis and goblins to win back Parvati . Outcasts and goblins know what it is like to loose . They hover as outcasts of society so are adept in the art of guerrilla warfare . You need these kind of people to win back what you lost . Many such people have come to my aid and i have forged alliances with them to move forward in my journey .


13. Keep your Mouth Shut :

Talk less do more think hard and work fast .Make winning your only goal and don’t stop till the task is done .


14. Stay away from Emotional Attachments :

Don’t get into serious relationship’s with women until you have achieved your goal . Women are unnecessary distractions , when you are down you use them as emotional crutches , you will find that that will make things even worse for you . Just focus on winning back what you have lost , a whole life is ahead of you to have affairs. If you win you will find many woman to fall in love with , do it when you have won lost territory not before that .

Reminds me of a famous Bellwood song “ yeh zindigi hei ek juaa yanha jeet bhi hei haar bhi , yanha dushmano ki bheedh mein mil jayein ge tujhey yaar bhi , tu khelta ja khelta ja baziyon pe baziyaan .”

15. Seek Honest Advice not Sympathy or Sycophants   :

Seek the advice of blunt people who are not afraid to tell you the truth on your face . One of the reason you find yourself in the mess you are in is because you surrounded yourself with sweet talkers and people who just massaged your ego .These people added no value to you or your company they are fleecers and only do “ji hazuri “. I also had surrounded myself with such people that is why i faced defeat in the first place . I have gotten rid of them now and find myself making progress . My single biggest mistake was that i listened to stupid people who took me back in my journey rather adding value to me .


16. Remember if you are rock bottom the only way is up !:

I should know this more then anyone since i have not only been on the edge but gone over it . Having come back from the jaws of death i now find myself back from the abyss. Also remember their are no dead ends every road is linked to every other road .The game is still on all champions will tell you that .


17. Live in the present Intensely :

Past is to be forgotten , live the present with intensity and focus through the windows of the present will you find your future .


18. Seek your Bliss :

Find activities you had loved but had given up because of lack of time or other wise . I took refuge in spirituality by visiting sacred places and reading sacred and holy text . They will come to your aid when you are down and out .


19. Win Win Win with Truth on your side :

The world spits on losers and will urinate on you when you are down . “ Duniya sirf ugte suraj ko salaam karti hei .” The world only salutes winners , so you have to make a come back and show them you can gain lost ground .But be honest with your victory as you where when you where defeated . Be fair , just because you got ripped off by people doesn’t mean you have to rip others off . Be honest and fair , you will comeback harder and stronger .


20. Be Humble :

Now that you have tasted defeat be humble and egoless . Watch your ego and stop being fool hardy it will lead to complacency again and you will go down hill . No unnecessary bravado is needed only pure humbleness is to be displayed .


21. Watch your Money :

Your financial situation is paramount in getting you out of the mess you are in . You will need money to resurrect yourself , so watch your assets and rejig them .Restructure to create liquidity at all time . Money will be needed to buy new resources and to raise a new army . I got help from my Bankers in Citi Bank to restructure my assets . Believe you me i was under attack by the Mumbai Underworld , they not only wanted to take over my flat but also eyed my properties in Delhi . I had to re jig my assets and now am in a comfortable place .


22 Don’t Forget the above laws when you win this time around………………….